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معلومات عنا


(Kahramana) is a story of a thousand and one nights .. she is a smart and courageous girl whose father owned (Khan) in Baghdad, is similar to the hotel currently, and he also owns a vehicle he puts on it many jars filled with oil, in the morning and heads to the market to sell them, and on a cold winter night. 40 thieves attacked Baghdad to steal his wagon, as the thieves sneaked into the city. Near the (Al-Khan) ..  Kahramana heard sound outside and watched a number of people strangers from the city hiding  In the jars, they were looking around to monitor the place, and hiding from the police Kahramanh rushed to her father and informed him of that .. .. she brought the oil to pour it into the jars one by one, which forced the thieves to get out of the jars screaming, which made the police pay attention and arrest them, so it was credited with saving Baghdad from the thieves.

  This story is documented by a monument placed in a Baghdad square that embodies  as it poured oil into the jars and they numbered forty jars, indicating the number of thieves


أنا فقرة. انقر هنا لإضافة النص الخاص بك وتحريرني. من السهل. فقط انقر فوق "تحرير النص" أو انقر نقرًا مزدوجًا فوقي لإضافة المحتوى الخاص بك وإجراء تغييرات على الخط. لا تتردد في السحب والإسقاط في أي مكان تريده على صفحتك. أنا مكان رائع بالنسبة لك لسرد قصة والسماح للمستخدمين بمعرفة المزيد عنك.

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